Experts in Non-Sewered Development

NCS specializes in providing comprehensive site development services for residential and commercial development in non-sewered areas.  Beginning with an initial site feasibility assessment, NCS will conduct the required soils and hydrologic evaluation, design the wastewater treatment and dispersal system best suited to the site, obtain necessary state and local wastewater related permits, build the system and then provide ongoing operation management services for the development. 

NCS has long been a pioneer in clustered small community sewer systems and large-scale commercial development.  With installations and operations in 28 states and Canada, the depth and breadth of NCS experience and capability is unsurpassed. 

You will find more information on our expertise under the following links in this website:

Site feasibility assessment, Soils and hydrologic evaluation, Engineering and design, Permit management, Construction
and Operations management.

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